Safety & Security

  • May 19, 2023
  • Financial Partners Security Team

Trending Scams You Need to Know 

Your online safety is important to us. Fraudsters are always coming up with new ways to take advantage of people. With your help, we can defeat swindlers and scammers to keep you and your money safe and secure. Here’s some information to help you stay safe


With the rise of cryptocurrency, many scammers will try to push you into investing in new alternative investments. This can quickly become dangerous and could include fake investment opportunities with no promise of a return.

Tip: Be wary of unrealistic returns. If an investment opportunity seems to good to be true, it probably is. 

Stolen Swipes 

Scammers are quick to steal personal information and gain access to sensitive information such as your debit or credit card info that might be stored on your phone. They do this by installing malware on your device.

Tip: Think twice before opening suspicious emails, messages, or text messages with a link. 

 Social Media Scams

Social media has soared in popularity in the last decade, and as more people continue to join the platforms, there are scammers who try to impersonate brands, celebrities, and other public figures to gain your trust and steal your private information.

Tip: Only follow people you trust and know and keep your social media accounts set to private. 


Police impersonators are an unfortunate trending scam. These scammers can call you and claim outstanding warrants you need to pay immediately or come to your home and steal valuables under a fake search investigation. They also set up fake police or government social media accounts to trick victims into providing personal information to make payments.

Tip: Be cautious of the urgency or threats, scammers use high pressure tactics to scare you into paying.  


Learning about the newest scams is a great way to stay in the know and help protect yourself. Learn more about staying vigilant by visiting our Security Center.