Establish, repair, and improve your credit score.

Credit Builder Loan

  • Choose to borrow $600 or $1,200
  • Access the funds when you pay off the loan
  • A perfect solution for young borrowers 

Lay the groundwork today for future opportunities.

If your credit score is low, or even nonexistent, it's difficult to qualify for a loan with a good rate. Establish yourself as a responsible borrower with the Credit Builder Loan. As your credit score improves, your opportunities increase and you strengthen your standing. 

Here's an important detail: The amount you borrow remains in your savings account until you pay off the loan in full. Once you do, you can access the funds. But it all starts with creating a pattern of on-time monthly payments. 

  • Enjoy a low, fixed rate
  • Make on-time monthly payments and pay off your Credit Builder Loan within 12 months, or sooner
  • Build your credit history and savings with each payment so you can qualify for better loan rates in the future