Borrow Smarter and Earn More

Certificates & IRAs

  • Guaranteed returns
  • Get started with only $1,000
  • Terms from 3 Months to 5 Years

Earn great rates with a guaranteed return.

Certificates are secure investment options to help you round out your portfolio focused on great returns and safety.  For added flexibilty, there are Individual Retirement Account (IRA) options for those planning for retirement which may also be tax deductible.*  Certificates also make great financial vehicles if you're trying to build up short-term savings and won't need access to your funds for several months or well into the future - like saving for college or a special purchase. 

A smart strategy is to use a laddering technique where you invest in various Certificates that mature at different times. Each one grows at its own rate and money becomes available to you every several months. At that point, you continue to choose for how long you want to reinvest in another Certificate and continue the laddering strategy until you reach your financial goals. 

  • Watch your savings grow at a fixed rate
  • Maximize your savings by keeping your funds invested for the Certificate's full term 
  • Your funds are federally insured up to $250,000