Reporting Suspected Fraud

Act quickly to protect your accounts and information.

  • Federal regulations offer protection
  • Know how to limit your liability for unauthorized purchases
  • Report your losses to us immediately

We're in your corner.

Federal regulations provide rules and protections regarding unauthorized transactions and errors for electronic fund transfers (EFT), which includes most transactions processed through Digital Banking.

To limit your liability for unauthorized transfers or payments:

  • If you believe an unauthorized EFT has been made to your account, contact us immediately. If you notify us within two business days after you learn of the unauthorized transaction the most you can lose is $50. Failure to notify the Credit Union within two business days may result in losses up to $500.
  • You must report any unauthorized transfer within 60 days of your statement being mailed or made available to you, or you could be liable for the entire amount if it is determined that the loss could have been avoided had you notified us sooner.
  • For more detail, please see our Electronic Services Disclosure.
  • Please note that these protections apply only to non-commercial accounts.

If you believe there has been an unauthorized transfer on your account, please notify us at once by calling 800.950.7328 or type "Report Fraud" to the Nova Chat box in red below.