Get started with credit.

Take the first step to building your credit

  • No annual fees
  • Build payment history 
  • Request cash advances

Need to build your credit? Here's your foundation.

A good credit rating is essential to getting the lowest rates on loans and accomplishing many goals you have. But it takes a long history of responsible credit management to get there. Financial Partners helps you take the first step with this special Mastercard. The credit limit is defined by you and secured by the corresponding amount held in your savings account. Consistently paying the minimum amount due monthly (or more) will help establish and build your credit profile and set you on a path for financial success. The amount held on reserve in your savings account protects you from default and can only be used to pay off and close the card when you choose. 

Benefits of a Savings Secured Mastercard

  • Limit based on your secure savings

  • Works like any other Mastercard

  • Access cash from ATMs 

  • Includes Mastercard benefits such as cell phone protection and extended warranties**