Set your Graduate up for financial success

  • April 24, 2024
  • Financial Partners Credit Union

Set your Graduate up for financial success

It’s that time of year again when the caps are tossed and the diplomas are delivered. But after the joy of the graduation or promotion ceremony slowly fades, what happens next? Set your graduate up for success with Financial Partners! From free checking and savings accounts to beginner-friendly credit cards, there’s something for every emerging young adult ready to take on the world.

If they’re old enough to earn an allowance but not drive a car: Talk to them about budgeting

You're never too young to start setting financial goals! Even if your child's income mainly consists of a weekly allowance and the occasional birthday check, discussing budgeting early on is incredibly valuable. Why not team up with your child to create a financial goal? Maybe they've been eyeing an exciting video game or other item. It's a fantastic opportunity to work towards it together. And when it comes to depositing funds into your child's account, look no further than FPCU's EZ Card! It's the perfect starter card, with no overdraft fees and parental oversight through a linked FPCU account.

If they’re old enough to move out but still do their laundry at home: Talk to them about money management

There’s nothing like getting that first taste of financial freedom. Empower your child with financial independence and pave their way to success by getting them started with a free checking account. With this account, they can dream big, whether it's setting up financial goals to help pay for college or purchasing those concert tickets they've been eyeing. They can even conveniently pay their friends using Zelle. And if they're working, they can get paid up to 2 days earlier with Direct Deposit. Plus, no minimum balance required, and they can set up overdraft protection. Now, that's what we call a head start!

If they’re old enough to hold a steady job, but still need help making doctor’s appointments: Talk to them about credit responsibility

Building credit is a big part of growing up! As your child starts to establish their credit history, it's important to guide them on how to use credit responsibly. Encourage them to handle credit cards wisely by emphasizing the importance of paying bills on time and steering clear of high-interest debts. Also, consider their lifestyle and goals – are they looking for a card for everyday expenses or one that earns rewards? At Financial Partners, we have options for students age 18 and over, no matter the stage of their credit journey.

Looking for other options? Financial Partners has the solutions you need to support your child’s growth. From college savings options to auto loans, we’re here to support and empower your graduates unique financial journey.