Safety and Soundness

Note to Valued Member Owners

Recent news about Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank challenges have caused an intense discussion in the media. As your financial partner, we are focused on your success and financial well-being. As reported by The Wall Street Journal and others, these failures were related to their reliance on the tech sector, cryptocurrency, and related start-up companies. I am pleased to report that Financial Partners does not have any involvement in cryptocurrency, concentration in any single sector, nor start-up companies.

Financial Partners was established 85 years ago as a byproduct of the Great Depression and throughout the years has remained dedicated to serving individual members. As a not-for-profit member-owned financial institution, we continue to focus on what's best for you, rather than Wall Street investors.

Given the noise in the media, I feel it important to inform you of the following facts about Financial Partners:

  • We are well-capitalized.
  • Unlike the banks in the news, we have a long history of financial stability.
  • We are federally insured and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.
  • Financial Partners is recognized by Forbes as a Best-In-State Credit Union.

As your trusted Partner, we see it as our duty to provide this perspective and help with your peace of mind while earning the opportunity to safeguard all of your hard-earned savings at Financial Partners. We remain committed to you and your financial well-being and consider it a privilege to serve you. If you have any questions, please call us at 844.TRY.FPCU, we are here to help!