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Mobile Banking

Behind the Screens!

Get to know your Personal Tellers – the friendly people behind the screens – with a behind the scenes look at who they are and what they do to best serve you!

Who Are the Personal Tellers?

Personal Tellers are friendly, knowledgeable, highly-trained FPCU representatives who are here to help you with all your banking transactions, but with a twist: They connect to you via two-way audio and video to assist you!

And just like a regular teller behind a window, they can take care of all your cash or check deposits and withdrawals, payments, transfers, and more!

Why Personal Tellers?

  • Convenient: More tellers, shorter lines, more branches!
  • Private: Talk face-to-face, chat on the phone, or even text your teller for added privacy!
  • Personal: Knowledgeable, well-trained Personal Tellers are here to help you with the friendly service and great consultation you've come to expect from your Financial Partners

And remember! Personal Banking Officers are ready to help you with all your other banking needs!

Visit them in the Brea, Downey, Downey Gateway, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Orange, Whittier, and Woodland Hills smart branch locations!

“It's pretty cool to see how much FPCU has done, especially in the last few years that I've worked here! I started out as a teller in the Downey branch and was recently promoted to Team Lead of the Personal Teller Center. It's cool that I can connect to any member at any branch and still be in one place. And I can't wait til the Downey branch transformation is complete so I’ll get to help those members again, but this time on screen!”

— AJ, FPCU Personal Teller Team Lead since October 2015

"One of the coolest things about my life as a Personal Teller is that I'm part of something that's at the forefront of technology. It’s like ‘Facetiming’ or ‘Skypeing’ with me but better… I GIVE YOU MONEY! Being in the Personal Teller Center definitely keeps things exciting and interesting, not knowing which branch or member I’m going to help until we pop up, and ‘surprise!!’”

— Gerardo, FPCU Personal Teller since March 2015

“It's always fun getting to show members the Personal Teller Kiosks for the first time. Some of my members have such funny reactions! At first, some wonder if I'm working inside the kiosk itself. One of my members even joked with me asking if I'm handing them their checks and cash from behind the screen!”

— Jessica, FPCU Personal Teller since February 2016

"Recently, I had a member who was pre-approved for a $3,000 credit card with us. She wanted to pay off some debts from another credit card, but the amount was higher than what she was pre-approved for. So, I got her in contact with Nathan and Yolanda from our Consumer Lending department and together, we were able to increase the limit of her pre-approval and help her pay off her credit card debt. I love being able to help members like that!”

— Josh, FPCU Personal Teller since May 2015

“What I love about FPCU is the culture and vibe that you can sense both as a member and as an employee. I always feel valued here—as if I am part of something that’s changing people’s lives. I feel that I’m a part of a family and that gives me a positive outlook when I come into work and that feeling is reflected in my interactions with our members—something I truly enjoy. It’s rewarding to know that I can make a difference in our members lives."

— Peter, FPCU Personal Teller since October 2015

“We actually have two Rosie’s in the Personal Teller Center, myself and Rosie G! Sometimes, our members confuse the two of us. When I told one of my members, he laughed and asked me, 'Well, how many Rosie’s you got back there?!'”

— Rosie D, FPCU Personal Teller since July 2014

“We get a ton of funny questions from our members. Since you can only see me from the shoulders up, a lot of members ask me things like, ‘Are you wearing pajama bottoms?’ Other members ask me if I’m actually in the machine itself. I tell them, ‘I wish I could fit in there!’”

— Rosie G, FPCU Personal Teller Team Lead since March 2014

“I worked in the Downey branch for several months prior to working here in the Personal Teller Center. I always loved the connections I made with my members in the branch, so whenever my Downey members connect to me through the PT screen, it really warms my heart when they say they remember me too and are happy to have me helping them with their transactions.’”

— Salena, FPCU Personal Teller since March 2016

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